Impact of Intrapreneurship on the Corporate Goal Achievement of Selected Food and Beverage Firms in Lagos State, Nigeria

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KIU Journal of Social Sciences, Kampala International University


Globalization has changed the world‟s economic order, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. Food and beverage firms cannot compete in this new environment unless it becomes more innovative and responds more effectively to consumers‟ needs and preferences. This study examines the impact of intrapreneurship on the corporate goal achievement of food and beverage firms in Lagos state, Nigeria. The specific objectives of this study are to investigate the impact of management support for intrapreneurial dimension on corporate goals achievement of the selected food and beverages firms in Lagos state; and to assess the organizational factors for intrapreneurship that affect innovative performance of the selected food and beverages firms in Lagos state. The study develops and tests a theoretical research model where the management support for intrapreneurial dimensions and organizational factors for intrapreneurship are the independent variables; corporate goal achievement and innovative performance are the dependent variable via a questionnaire study covering 361 respondents from five (4) food and beverage firms in Lagos State in Nigeria, using purposive sampling techniques. The study therefore revealed that management support for intrapreneurship contribute significantly to corporate goal achievement, and this contribution is captured under the paradigm of three dimensions: innovativeness (beta =.253, t=2.246, p<0.05), risk-taking (beta =.794, t=6.296, p<0.05), and proactiveness (beta =.211, t=1.932, p>0.05). The study also shows that internal supportive environment especially management support for innovation (beta =.358, t=5.352, p>0.05), tolerance for risk taking (beta =.149, t=2.246, p>0.05), performance-based reward system (beta =.382, t=15.752, p>0.05), allocation of free time (beta =.284, t=4.226, p>0.05) and work discretion to their intrapreneurs (beta =.329, t=4.835, p>0.05), have positive impact on innovative performance. The study therefore recommended that management should be cognizant of the fact that they should concentrate more on empowerment, flexibility in drafting organizational policies, provide necessary support and act positively to the innovative activities by encouraging risk taking initiatives among the employees and also management should design appropriate reward system such as financial reward, recognition and appraisal on significant achievements and organization should ensure the availability of resources such as time, materials and funds in supporting new ideas.


Adeoti, J., Olawale, Y. and Asabi, O. (2016): “Impact of Intrapreneurship on the Corporate Goal Achievement of Selected Food and Beverage Firms in Lagos State, Nigeria” KIU Journal of Social Sciences, 2(2): 193 – 210.


Globalization, Management Support, intrapreneurship, consumers' needs, food and beverages, Lagos, Nigeria