Importance of Community Information Centre on Mass Literacy and Community Development in Nigeria. A Case Study of Kwara State Nigeria.

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Institute of Community Development Practitioners (ICDP)


The paper examines the concepts of community information centre and its relevance on mass literacy and community development in Nigeria with specific references to Kwara State, Community Information Centre provide arrays of services which was found useful and interesting towards the community development plans, such plan helps to build a citizenry of self -reliant, improve well-being and enhance the diversity of the cultural landscape. The paper centered on the concept of mass literacy, concept of community development, the relationship between community information centre and mass literacy and the importance of community information centre and mass literacy on community development. It is however concluded that, information is a useful educational indices which help individual develop his or her potential towards the upliftment of the society where he or she belongs’ and the major recommendations from improvement were provided along the conclusions, that state and national government should be persuaded to invest on mass literacy programme through an educative community information centre. Also funding of mass literacy agency for community to benefit from.


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Community,, Community Information Centre,, Mass Literacy, and Community Development