The Roles of Food and Nutrition on The Health of The 21st Century Pastors in Nigeria

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The Faculty of Arts, University of Ilorin


The study examined the roles of food and nutrition on the health of the 21st Century Pastors in Nigeria. Food primarily is essential for existence. Food, just like air, water, shelter and clothes is necessary for life. But food is not only good when eaten by people, but it is also one of the greatest pleasures of life. However, it is not merely a source of physical sustenance and pleasure; also it is fundamental to many other aspects of lives. The ministry of a pastor is a very sensitive one that involves wholeness in every aspect of life. Therefore, in order to achieve the set goal, historical and sociological methods were adopted and data were gathered through primary, secondary and internet sources. This paper found out that a large number of individuals suffering from diseases relating to unhealthy lifestyles of sedentary and poor nutritional habit such as dehydration, peptic ulcer and diabetes mellitus which are brought to the body through malnutrition and nutritional deficiency which revolve round foods as such, Foods Pastors eat therefore serve as their medicine. They play important roles in their maintenance of good health thereby enhancing the physical, spiritual, psychological and biological development of pastors.



Food, Health, Nutrition, Pastor, Role of Nutrition, Nigeria