Effect of Set-Up Heights on the Performance of Pot-In-Pot Cooling System for Storing Food and Drugs at Ambient Temperature

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FUOYE Journal of Engineering and Technology


The research aimed at evaluating the effect of set-up height on the performance of earthenware pot-in-pot cooling system. The pots were set up at different heights; H1 (0 m), H2 (0.5 m) and H3 (1 m) and observed for 59 days from 8:00am to 6:00pm daily. The inner temperatures obtained from the three different arrangements were determined using standard methods. The result showed that increasing the height from ground level (0 m) to 1 m increases the mean cooling effect by 8 %. Generally, it was observed that only the set-up height at 1m proved to have maximum efficiency of the pot-in-pot system performance.



Cooler, Efficiency, Evaporative cooling, Set-up height, Pot-in-pot, Preservation


Yahaya S. A., Akande K. A., Raji A. O., Abdulrahman K.O., Enagi I.I. (2019), Effect of set-up height on the performance of pot-in-pot cooling device for storing food and drugs at ambient temperature. FUOYE Journal of Engineering and Technology. 4(1), 131 – 134. Publication of Faculty of Engineering, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria. Available online at http://engineering.fuoye.edu.ng/journal/index.php/engineer/article/view/322