Evaluation of Risk Factors Impacting Cost and Time Performance of Mechanical and Electrical Services Installation in North Central Nigeria


Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) services project are complex in nature and a number of risk arises at the design and installation stages resulting into poor cost and time performance. This paper identified and ranked the risk factors affecting cost and time performance of M&E services projects. Thirty risk factors identified from preliminary investigations were adopted as basis for a questionnaire survey to architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers in North Central Nigeria. Initial statistical analysis produced 23 risks factors that would affect cost and time performance of M&E services projects and analysis of variance results show that no significant difference exists among the opinions of the professionals surveyed on the 7 risk factors. Factor analysis was adopted to classify the risk factors into five principal components namely, pre-contract risks, post contract risks, clients' related risks, procurement and external risks. The risk identification and ranking are good tools for assessment of risks related to M&E services projects. In addition, the classification of the risk factors can be used to establish important risk factors that require the attention of project participants. This will allow the client and contractor to understand the high-risk areas in M&E services projects and assign responsibility for those risks to the party or parties best situated to control them.



Cost and time performance, mechanical and electrical services, Nigeria practitioners, risk.