Youths and Ethno-Religious Conflicts in Sino-Nigerian Countries: A Comparative and Transformative Approach

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Langaa Research and Publishing CIG Mankon Bamenda


Ethno-religious conflict is one of the most recurring phenomena in Sino-Nigeria countries, while the youths occupy the productive segment of the society. The youths characterised with energy and vigour are always at the forefront of most the ethno-religious conflicts. Thus, the youth upsurge has continued to serve as a bane bedevilling the political and bi-lateral edifices of these countries. Ethno-religious problem has retarded effective nation building process and viable equal development. The problem has also resulted in high level of poverty situations in the northern parts of Nigeria and retarded economic growth and development in this region in comparison to other parts of Nigeria. This chapter reveals that minority problems in terms of marginalisation, ethnicity, religion as well as unequal development are the major causes of this snag. The, chapter takes a historic-structural, analytical and comparative approach to examine the Sino-Nigeria ethno-religious conflicts. To this end, this chapter postulates that religion remains the domineering factor that propels this dismay.



Youths, Ethno-Religious Conflicts, Sino-Nigerian, Transformative Approach