An Assessment of the Role of Microfinance Banks in Entrepreneurial Development in Selected Rural Areas in Kwara State

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Akungba Journal of Management


The concept of microfinance Is not a new phenomenon; as it has operated for centuries in many forms in various economies of the world. The objective of this is to assess the role of Microfinance banks in relation to entrepreneurship development in rural areas of Kwara State. 300 copies of structured questionnaire were randomly distributed to selected respondents in rural areas of Kwara state: this was analysis with the use of Regression technique. The findings indicate that there is an impact of microfinance on the development of entrepreneurship in selected rural areas of Kwara state. The study therefore recommends that; practitioners in the microfinance industry must appreciate that financial sustainability is important for cash flow requirements of the entrepreneur in the rural areas.



Microfinance, Entrepreneur, Rural, Development


4 (1); 45-54