Impact of ICT on the management of SMEs turnover in Ilorin metropolis, kwara state

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Department of Business Administration, University of Ilorin, ilorin, Nigeria


small and medium enterprises play very important role in the process of industrialization sustainable economy growth. SMEs die soon as they were established because their production process, marketing of their output as well as their turnover neglected thereby almost impossible to estimate their growth pattern. the emergence of computer application to SMEs will result into growth of internet and other communication network, growing diversity of business transaction and increase competition. the internet is fast becoming foundation for new business models, process and marketing of industrial products. this study therefore, examine the impact of computer application to the management of small business operation in ilorin metropolis. a structure questionnaire was administered and linear regression analysis was used to analyzed the data obtained. the result of ANOVA 0.001 signifies that SMEs that SMEs that use ICT in the management of their turnover are more profitable than those that do not use it. the paper therefore, recommends that SMEs should intensify efforts in the use of ICT in the operation to enhance their productivity.



profitability,, global environment,, socio-economy, technology