Low Students’ Enrolment in Home Economics Programme: A Case Study of University of Ilorin

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Abstract This study was designed to identify low student’s enrolment in Home economics programme. Specifically, the study determined (1.) Factors that hindered student from studying Home economics programme in the University of Ilorin. (2). Motivating roles of Home economics that the students should know in the university of Ilorin. If answer two research questions and tested two hypothesis. The population was made up of all pre- BSc. Home economics students in the department of Home economics and Food science Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ilorin, Ilorin at the time of study. The sample for this study was drawn using purposive sampling technique. The instrument for the study was the study was a four-point scale questionnaire. The questionnaire was due validated and its reliability established prior to utilization. Copies of the instrument were administered on 242 subjects but 320 copies were retrieved, mean and t-test statistics was used for data analysis. The findings from the study includes 28 Factors that hinder students from studying Home economics in the University of Ilorin on 22 motivating roles of Home economics that the student should know in the University of Ilorin. Based on these findings, eight recommendation were made including 11 students should be taught the importance of Home Economics and career opportunities available to the subject. Parent should encourage their children to study Home Economics. They should also provide enough finance/resources for their children to study the subject among others.



low enrolment, home economics programme, students