Melting of Aluminium in Pulsed Combustor Fired Furnace.

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The Nigerian Society of Engineers


The paper presents an experimental investigation of the use of a locally fabricated SNECMA-Lockwood type pulsed combustor to fire a metallurgical furnace designed for melting low melting point metals. The fuel used for firing the combustor is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) sold in Nigeria. The working space of the furnace is 290 mm by 290 mm by 485 mm. The exit port of the pulsed combustor was fired into the Metallurgical furnace. Results showing the variation with time of the pulsed combustor exit port temperature. Temperature of 680 degree C was attained in the furnace when it was empty while a maximum temperature 66.7 degree C was attained when it was loaded with aluminum scraps. The aluminum scrap was melted in about thirty five minutes and the molten aluminum was used to cast two small objects. The result shows that a metallurgical furnace fired with pulsed combustor could be used to melt low melting metals like aluminum and lead.



Pulsed Combustor, Metallurgical Furnace, Liquefied Petroleum Gas


Olorunmaiye, J. A., Popoola, O. T., & Ibrahim, R. (2011). Melting of Aluminium in Pulsed Combustor Fired Furnace. NSE Technical Transactions: Journal of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, 46(1), 62–70.