Fuzzy Logic Approach to determine Security Level of Biometrics

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IEEE Nigeria Computer Chapter.


One of the methods that use uniquely identifiable physical or behavioral characteristics to identify individuals is Biometrics. As Biometrics becomes the most promising authentication technology, the world is faced with the challenge of choosing the best among the biometrics traits for their security purposes. In this paper, a model is proposed using fuzzy logic approach to evaluate the Biometrics traits in order to determine their security level. Biometrics characteristics categorized by previous researchers in the field of Biometrics was used as knowledge base. The model developed was simulated using Qtfuzzylite 4.0 (A Fuzzy Logic Control Library in C++) and the results show that Fingerprint, Hand Geometry, Hand Veins, Iris, Ear Canal and Palm print have medium security level among the fifteen (15) Biometrics traits considered based on the following metrics; Universality, Uniqueness, Permanence, Collectability, Performance and Circumvention. The results of this simulation further revealed that fuzzy logic approach provides a simple way of drawing definite conclusions from vague and imprecise information



Biometrics traits, Fuzzy logic, Model, Simulation, Security level


Abikoye, O.C., Adewole, K.S., & Salahdeen, N.K. (2014): Fuzzy Logic Approach to determine Security Level of Biometrics. African Journal of Computing & ICT. 7 (4); 69-84