Assessment of Urban Women Farmers’ Contribution to Poverty Alleviation in Small Towns of Kwara State, Nigeria

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Environmental Technology, Federal University of Technology. Minna, Nigeria


Urban agriculture is a strategy to food security, poverty reduction and urban environmental nlanagement. This study assesses the contributions of women farmers to poverty alleviation in small towns ofKwara State. Specifically, it identifies the poor urban women; examines the features of urban agriculture; examines the ways urban food production by women farmers helps improve nutritional development and determines the impact of urban food production on women farmers ' poverty alleviation. Primary and secondary sources of data were employed in order to achieve the stated objectives. A multistage sampling technique was employed to select 1, 801 women farmers for questionnaire administration. Foster Greer and Thorbecke poverty measure was used to examine the poverty situation of the respondents. ANOVA was used to examine the features of urban agriculture betvveen settlements in order to show if there are variations in urban farming in the sampled settlements. Multiple regression analysis was used to determine the socio-economic impacts of urban agriculture on women farmers' poverty alleviation. The findings revealed that the 93.1% of the respondents earn less than N50, 000 annually, 62.6% are into part-time farming while only 37.4% are into full-time. Only 19.7% are household heads. Also,92.3% are poor based on the income from their main occupation. Significant differences only existed in the roles performed by women and types of crops grown between settlements. Multiple regression analysis revealed three variables (expenditure on household items expenditure on food and value of assets acquired) contribute about 67.6% to poverty alleviation. Recommendations made include urban agriculture should be given official recognition; urban agriculture should be retained as a part of the city's economy and land tenure system should be organized to allow women access to land and full right on use of land.



Urban Agriculture, Food Security, Poverty, Environmental Management and Small Towns