Towards the Choice of Better Social Media Platform for Knowledge Delivery: Exploratory Study in University of Ilorin

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Sule Lamido University Journal of Science &Technology


Rising from the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, all schools in Nigeria were put under lock and key, like other countries. media platform (SMP) without understudying its efficiency and effectiveness for knowledge transfer. The consequences afore-put-to-test syndrome in the subsequent choice of SMP. To achieve this, University of Ilorin is chosen as the territory performed through a survey comprising demographic, dichotomous, multiple choice, and openended questionnaire to adoption of Slovin’s formula for the sampling techniques; 156 students and 44 lecturers. The data collection process was being the most appropriate for this study in the literature. A total of 200 respondents participated voluntarily with the Therefore, making Zoom platform the most preferred for e-learning. This study recommends that choice of satisfactory survey for being the most soughtafter University for admission in Nigeria. Quantitative research methods were adopted, delivery and acquisition by the lecturers and students of the University respectively, based on the designed principles. capture detail information for the research work. Simple descriptive statistics was employed for the analysis. Our findings longer period of shutdown to formal education, most higher institutions instantaneously keyed-in to any available social This was to curtail the rapid spread of the virus, while the medical practitioners were in the laboratories. But due to of this include nonsatisfactory knowledge transfer, most especially, by the learners; hence, aim of knowledge impact is jeopardized. This study therefore is aimed to fill the gap to correct the existing damage, and prevent the likelihood of not reveal that out of the seventeen SMPs put to test, zoom platform ranks the most effective and efficient for the knowledge SMP for knowledge delivery should be utmost concern of all institutions before embarking on virtual learning system.



Knowledge delivery, Social media platform, University of Ilorin, Zoom platform, Virtual learning, Covid-19