Literacy education as a tool for empowering women in Asa Local Government Kwara State, Nigeria. Journal of Capital Development in Behavioural Sciences.

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Published by Faculty of Arts Education, Lead City University, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria.


The paper examined the issue of literacy as a tool for empowering women in Asa Local Government area of Kwara State. The paper was premised on the fact that when women are literate, they will be more active in their various communities. Their voices will be heard as opposed to their faces being seen and this will instill in them the confidence to make progress in their daily living. The study made use ofdescriptive survey design, with 21 1 non-literates women randomly selected as sample within the local government. A 10 item questionnaire was designed to elicit responses on literacy education and empowerment. The data collected were subjected to descriptive and inferential statistical test at 0.05 level of significance. The study discovered that literacy is a tool for fighting poverty, hunger diseases, and ignorance and when all these are fought, an average woman becomes empowered to participate actively in issues of development in her home and community. The study, therefore, recommended that women should be encouraged to enroll for literacy education programme while, governments at all levels should make efforts to fund literacy programme.


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Literacy education, women empowerment