Survey of Video Encryption Algorithms

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Covenant University


Research on security of digital video transmission and storage has been gaining attention from researchers in recent times because of its usage in various applications and transmission of sensitive information through the internet. This is as a result of the swift development in efficient video compression techniques and internet technologies. Encryption which is the widely used technique in securing video communication and storage secures video data in compressed formats. This paper presents a survey of some existing video encryption techniques with an explanation on the concept of video compression. The review which also explored the performance metrics used in the evaluation and comparison of the performance of video encryption algorithms is being believed to give readers a quick summary of some of the available encryption techniques.



Encryption, Decompression., Compression, Video Security,, Performance Metric


Babatunde, A.N., Jimoh, R.G., Abikoye, O.C. & Isiaka, B.Y. (2017): Survey of Video Encryption Algorithms. Covenant Journal of Informatics & Communication Technology. 5(1); 65-80, Published by Covenant University