The Scientific Universe in Yoruba Religion

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Moi University Press.


INTRODUCTION. For some time now, the enmity between science and religion has been so volatile that science considered religion as a timid consolation to human problems; while religion on the other hand viewed science as a quick but sly, cunning and selfish approach to human needs. The past fourteen years have witnessed a gradual romance of these two aspects of human existence, as scholars in both fields dialogue with one another on the benefits for humanity when science and religion are interpreted correctly. In this wise, serious intellectual discussions have taken place, especially in the West. Some western scholars have even gone ahead to design courses on dialogue between science and religion, to be taught in higher institutions of learning. About six years ago, these engagements of science and religion came to Africa. Theologians and scientists began serious attempts to take a cue from their western contemporaries. Academic seminars and conferences were organized. Courses on science and religion dialogue were also designed to be taught in African Universities. But unknown to them and their western colleagues is the fact that there had always been a mutual relationship between science and religion among the Yoruba.



Yoruba Religion, Scientific Universe