Geophysical Investigations of Groundwater Potential of Ara, Ilorin Kwara State.

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Centrepoint Journal (Science Edition)


Geophysical investigation of ground water potential of Ara in Ilorin, north central Nigeria has been conducted using ground magnetic method with the objective of delineating structures which are responsible for groundwater. Total field magnetic anomaly was obtained in 9 parallel profiles along the E-W direction to produce a magnetic map of the area. The total field was separated into residual and regional fields. Interpretation of the residual magnetic anomaly revealed regions of positive and negative anomalies with a peak value of 16 nT and -34 nT respectively. Quantitative interpretation using half-width method shows that the depth to magnetic basement ranges from 2.01 to 41.2m. The result also delineated geological features which are regarded as ground water signatures in the study area



Magnetic anomaly, Ground water, Geological features


Lawal, T. O., Nwankwo, L. I., Akoshile, C. O. & Salawu, Y. A. (2014): Geophysical Investigations of Groundwater Potential of Ara, Ilorin, Kwara State. Centre point Journal Science Edition. 20 (2), 41 – 52. Published by Library and Publications Committee, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.