Risk-return Performance of Residential Property Investment in Abuja, Nigeria

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Faculty of Environmental Technology (FET) Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) Bauchi


The paper examined the performance of residential property market in Abuja with a view to determining the most performed market and the level of associated risk. The study utilized both descriptive (average rate of returns and coefficient of variation) and inferential methods (ANOVA and HSD). The results of descriptive analyses across twelve markets showed that Gwarimpa 3B/R and 4B/R markets performed better than other locations and it is the least volatile markets at 35% and 43% respectively, on every comparable average rate of property returns for 3B/R AND 4B/R at 11.05% and 12.5% respectively. The result of ANOVA revealed that the F-statistics at 3.1061 and 2.6401 for 3B/R and 4B/R are statistically significant at p-value of 0.0127 and 0.0288 (p-values < 0.05). The result of honesty significant difference (HSD) revealed that the bulk of significant differences in property returns were found in Maitama markets. Therefore the study concludes that returns from Gwarimpa markets are relatively stable and having the least risk per unit of 3B/R and 4B/R property investment with comparable average returns with other markets for any prudent investor.




property investment performance, risk-return analysis, ANOVA and HSD-tukey test