Four and Five Figures of Kifilideen (Power of Base 11) and Antikifilideen (Antipower of Base 11) Tables as a Tool For Mathematics Computation

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College of Natural and Computational sciences, Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia.


The four-figure of power of base numbers of tables needs to be created for easy synchronization with the existing Logarithm table of power of base 10 which is working on four figures. Although the five-figure of power base numbers of tables are more accurate because it is having less approximation in its establishment. The four-figure table is easy to compute doing utilization because it is having less digits to work with. This paper presents the four and five figures of Kifilideen (Power of base 11) and AntiKifilideen (Antipower of base 11) tables for the computation of mathematical problems. The four and five figures are both reliable to work with. However, there is a tradeoff between easy computation as related to the four-figure table and more accuracy as related to the five-figure table in their utilization.



AntiKifilideen Table, Computation, Kifilideen Table, Logarithm Table, Power of base 11.