Constraint to growth and sustainability of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria: Perception of Entrepreneurs and Experts

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African-Asian Rural Development Organisation, New Delhi, India


It was observed that most studies on the constraints of MSMEs are based on perceptions of existing entrepreneurs. However, these researchers believed that the question of why there is a poor expansion of MSMEs in Nigeria can be more appropriately answered by the existing entrepreneurs while the issue of poor rate of establishment of new MSMEs can be better answered by potential entrepreneurs. On the other hand, the experts can give a balanced position. Hence, the study adopted panel study by considering the responses of the potential and existing entrepreneurs as well as that of the experts. The study revealed that the constraints of MSMEs in Nigeria are generally high. However, the supply side constraints are the highest followed by government and regulations. The least constraints are the demand side constraints. The factors that are rated very high are funding and access to credit, market and marketing, risks and return ratio and inadequate technical and managerial skills, corruption, inadequate entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and attitude as well as poor macro-economic environment.



Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, Growth, Entrepreneurship, Nigeria