Participative Management and Employees Job Performance in Nigerian Manufacturing Industry

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The denial آه workers, active involvement in decision-making and the attendant negative attitude to work necessitate tlie need )or this study to examine the impact آ 0 participative managenient (PM) ٥١١ employee job performance in a Nigerian Manufacturing Industry. Other specific objectives were to: examine tlie impact o f participative management on employee job performance; und. evaluation o f tlie relationsliip between indirect participation dimensions and employ-ee job satisfaction. Questionnaire was served to 240 out o f 600 employees o f tlie manufacturing organisation through stratified, simple random sampling techniques. Two hypotheses formulated were tested through regression ، tnd correlation analysis. The findings revealed tliat (PM) had a significant influence on employee job performance ( ا%ة. 76=دا p-valueO.05) and tliat indirect participation dimensions and employee job satisfaction, correlated (P-va!ue(0.05), The study concluded tliat PM remains an important management strategy for improving employee performance with recommendation that oi-ganisation sliould emplictsize comprehensive tusk and contextual performance beliaviour strategy through the adoption, o f participative management.



Participative management (PM), employee job performance, employee job satisfaction, indirect paific.ipation, task, contextual performance