Attitudinal Effect of Beneficiaries Involvement on Lagos State Empowerment and Resources Network Programme in Catering Services


The study investigates attitudinal effects of Beneficiary Individuals on Lagos State Empowerment and Resources network Programme in Catering Skills. Two research questions and hypotheses were formulated for the study. Lagos state Empowerment Vocational Centres were used. Multiple sampling techniques was used in selecting 60% of L.E.A.R.N and 40% Ministry of Women Affairs Centres. 150 respondents were used to answer a well structured and validated questionnaire. 5-Likert scale questionnaire was used for the research questions. Descriptive statistics of frequency, percentages and mean were used to describe the data. Inferential statistics to test the null hypotheses was pearson product moment correlation. The data revealed some findings. Conclusion was drawn. Based on the findings, recommendations it was suggested that the beneficiaries in catering L.E.A.R.N Vocational Centres should be supported with more incentives



Attitude, Effect, Involvement, Beneficiary, Catering skill