Une lecture postmoderniste de Le journal d’Esclamonde d’Adelaïde Fassinou

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Department of Foreign Languages, University of Benin.


What is the effect of postmodernism on women’s written in this contemporary period? This article that analyses the present last novel of Adelaide Fassinou, which is Le journal d’Esclamonde brings answer to this question based on our interpretation of postmodernist theory. Women writing in this contemporary period keeps on expanding and feminist writers now adopt and adapt different stylistic and theoretical approaches in the resolution of female gender. This brings a form of inconsistency in the idea of theses feminists and makes their categorization problematic. This article analyses the postmodernist tendency of Fassinou in her present last novel and establishes that with le Journal d’Esclamonde, she moves from womanist writers to join the postmodernists. It also shows that, instead of bringing the female gender out of patriarchal domination, to create a society in which gender equality exists, male gender are now oppressed and suffers in the hands of female one. This oppression could be the result of the influence of postmodern aesthetic


Postmodernism, contemporary women writing, postmodern aesthetic Adelaide Fassinou


Postmodernism, ontemporary women writing, postmodern aesthetic Adelaide Fassinou