A Comparative Analysis of the Choreographic Signatures in the Production of “A Harvest of Dance” in Two Distinct Locations

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University of Ilorin Library and Publications Committee.


The publication of dance librettos (dance scripts) was conceived to make available dance scripts written by one librettist to as many as possible choreographers that come across it for possible production and wider scholarship. Since this laudable effort started in Nigeria about a decade ago, we have had a libretto performed at different and distinct parts of the country. “A Harvest of Dance” by Ifure Ufford-Azorbo is one of such librettos that have been performed in two distinct settings in Nigeria, Uyo in the South-Southern Region and Ilorin in the North-Central. This paper seeks to analyse comparatively the different choreographic interpretations of the piece by these different choreographers and compare the moulds, approaches, templates and models of the two choreographers for it to earn them a choreographic signature on the work. Most times, the need to acknowledge objectivity in a choreographer‟s interpretation of a libretto written by another choreographer is seen as a diversion, but this work emphasises that each choreographer is a visionary artist, with the professional right to interpret any work in his or her own unique style. It is also noted that this style is informed by the demands of the production setting. The participant observation method was used to explore the content analysis of the production factors and elements of the two works. Inferences were then drawn that will enrich the dance world in particular and theatre generally.



Libretto, choreography, choreographic signature, performance