Influence of parenting styles on junior secondary school students’ performance in social studies in Ilorin emirate

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The purpose of the study was to investigate the influence of parenting styles on junior secondary school students' performance in social studies in Ilorin Emirate, Nigeria. The study used questionnaire and proforma to collect data on parenting styles and students'perfonnance. The data onjunior school certificate and parenting styles were analysed using frequency count, percentages and chi- square to answer the research questions and test the hypotheses raised in the study. The results showed that the parenting styles adopted had influence on the perfonnance ofthe students. In addition, it was observed that studentsfrom authoritative parenting had better performance than studentsfrom otherparenting styles. It was recommended among others thatparents should adopt authoritative parenting style to enhance optimalperfonnance ofthe students. In addition, the school should create structures and strengthen the existing ones that would provide parent training intervention.



Parenting styles