Male and Female Challenges of Climacterium and Menopause in Africa

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Delta Reproductive Health Initiative and Research Centre


Background: The climacteric and menopause is an exceptional period in the life of a woman. It is associated with unique challenges which may affect the quality of life. Recent evidence suggest that there is a similar entity in males the “andropause” which also has its own inherent clinical entities and challenges. There is paucity of the knowledge of the clinical entities and their symptomatology during this period in Africa. Methodology: A Literature search for studies on climacteric, menopause and andropause published between 1995 to 2016 was performed using the google scholar search data base. The bibliographies of included studies were also searched for additional references. About 150 articles were identified and after the elimination of articles unrelated to the subject matter, 42 related articles were available for the review. Result: There are numerous challenges faced by men and women in Africa during the climacteric period and they are accentuated by several intermediating factors which range from ignorance, to cultural taboos and even lack of adequate facilities to cater for their health needs. During this period, the men and woman's age, education, economic status, family structure, health status, social relationships, sexual experiences development style, living conditions and cultural factors impact on individual differences in menopausal adaptation. Conclusion and recommendation: Men and women faces many challenges of menopause and andropause in Africa. This is related to poor knowledge and health seeking behaviour of this group of males and females. Therefore, all tiers of government in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) should provide necessary facilities and enabling environments to conduct proper advocacy, counselling, evaluation and treatment of affected individuals.



Menopause, Climacteric, Andropause, Africa