Combating Trafficking in Persons:Global response Viz a Viz the Nigerian experiment under NAPTIP Act, 2003

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Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Jos


INTRODUCTION Trafficking in human beign for sexual exploitation an forced unpaid labour consititute a growing International criminal enterprise of epidemic proportions. Trafficking in person is a significant transnational crime which explouts vulnerable victims. As increasing numbers of people move across borders in search of economic opportunities, traffickers make use of such opportunities to exploit individuals with empty promises of a better life. Victims are typically decieved or coerced into providing sexual services, forced labour or have their organs removed. Trafficking of men, women and children occurs in almost every country for almost every type of labour imaginable. Girls and women are trafficked into forced prostitution, domestic servitude, or sweatshops; trafficking children are forced to beg.



Trafficking, Human Responses, NAPTIP, Global Responses