Globalisation and cle Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria: the Challenges and the Opportunities


Globalisation has been one of the major political-economic terms that have gained academic attention of most social science scholars in the 21st century. This is because of its impact on the socio-economic and political climates of human societies world-over. Generally, various factors have been observed as enhancing the globalisation ideology, one of such is the development of the entrepreneurial sector. However, due to the under-development of the entrepreneurial sector in Nigeria, the globalisation ideology has suffered setbacks despite the availability of numerous opportunities that would have been hitherto utilized to put the country at vantage point in the global order. It is based on this observation that this paper seeks to look into the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs in Nigeria as they engage in their daily business activities in the globalised world. The paper recommends that government at all levels should provide possible solutions to the challenges hindering entrepreneurial development in the country especially because of the numerous opportunities that exist in the sector which, if properly utilized will benefit the country and make it to be among the gainers in the game of globalisation.



Challenges, Development, Entrepreneurship, Globalisation, Opportunities.


Olatunji A.G. Muhammed, A.Y; Lawal, E.E. & Raji A. (2016). “Globalisation and cle Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria: the Challenges and the Opportunities” Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology (Bi-annual e-journal of the Bangladesh Sociological Society) 13(2)