Assessment of urban sprawl in Mutum-biyu town of Taraba State, Nigeria, using GIS and Remote Sensing Technique

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Centre for human settlements and urban development journal, Federal University of Technology Minna


Urban sprawl situation in Mutm-biyu town between 1983 and 2011 was assessed using GIS and remote sensing techniques. This was carried out in other to monitor the rate of urban development process especially at the peripheral areas of the city and to prevent possible environmental and social problems that can emanate from uncoordinated urban physical development. Data used were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary data relate to GPS coordinates of some features that were taken and a set of questionnaire administered on Heads of Departments of Land and Development Control at both Mutum-Biyu LGA and State headquarters. The questionnaire which was meant to back-up the data base assisted in providing information on factors or urban sprawling and problems of its management in the study area. Secondary data used includes topographical map, aerial photographs and Landsat TM 1993, Landsat ETM 2003 and QuickBird and Landsat ETM 2011. Both hardware and software computer components were Used in processing the data while geospatial techniques of overlay, querying and statistical methods were used in analyzing the data. Result obtained indicates that early sprawl pattern in the study area depict the ribbon type of sprawling while leap frogging pattern manifested thereafter. A number of reasons were identified as factors of urban sprawl in the investigation while problems confronting of sprawl management in the study area were discussed. The study concludes by putting up a number of recommendations towards making the study area conducive for living.



Urban Sprawl, GIS Remote Sensing, Peripheral Areas, and Development