Playing the medley game: dance training and practice in Nigeria

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Performing Arts Department, University of Ilorin


Dance training and practice constitute a significant part of Arts and Education in Nigeria. Consequently, this study, through Jacqueline Smith-Artaud's midway theory, examines dance training and practice in Nigeria, with focus on the Performing Arts Department, University of Ilorin and Ijodee Dance Company, Lagos. It was observed that in the dance art, those who yearn for professionalism preferred the town to gown, owing to its practicability and experience in terms of performances. lt was also noted that fewer universities lay much emphasis on the dance aspect like University of Ilorin does. This is because of the multiple sections that other universities have other than the three represented in University of Ilorin. Consequently, students studying dance in these universities, particularly University of Ilorin find time to go to private owned dance companies for practices even with the consent of their lecturers. Similarly, while theory is a basis for practical in the University, den vation of styles and re-arrangements of existing cultural movements and steps have been the basis of practical forms in the private dance companies. It is, therefore, recommended that stern combination of xtensive training and practice be designed in the University, while also implementing a strong collaboration of both town and gown in the training and practicing of dance among students and enthusiasts.




dance training, practice, medley