Control of an inverted pendulum using mode-based optimized lqr controller

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This paper presents an evolutionary optimization based LQR controller design for an inverted pendulum system. The objective is to address the challenges of appropriate design parameters selection in LQR controller while providing optimal performance compromise between the system control objectives with respect to pendulum angle and position response. Hence, a Multiobjective differential evolution algorithm is proposed to design an LQR controller with optimal compromise between the conflicting control objectives. The performance of the MODEbased LQR is benchmarked with an existing controller from the system manufacturer (QANSER). The performance shows the effectiveness of the proposed design algorithm, and in addition provides an efficient solution to conventional trial and error design approach.



Inverted pendulum system, LQR, Multiobjectives differential evolution


Tijani, I. B., Akmeliawati, R., & Abdullateef, A. I. (2013). Control of an inverted pendulum using mode-based optimized lqr controller. Proceedings of IEEE 8th Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, ICIEA 2013, 1759–1764, Published by IEEE. Available at