The Development of Epoxy Hybrid Composite for Engineering Application

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MONTREAL’2014 AES-ATEMA 17th International Conference Advanced Engineering Solutions (AES), Montréal, CANADA


The morphology, thermal stability and wear characteristics of the glass/graphite particulate hybrid epoxy resin composite have been studied. 80μm particulate sizes of glass and graphite were incorporated in the epoxy resin. The TGA 701 and wear on disc machine were used to characterise the epoxy resin graphite /discarded florescent tube particulates (ER/DFT/GP) composites’ ability to withstand heating and resistance of the composite to surface abrasion under dry lubrication conditions. The result revealed that the addition of graphite/glass particulates improved significantly the thermal stability and wear resistance of the ER/DFT/GP composites. The two parameters of load and speed caused increase in the wear volume of the ER/DFT/GP composites. Furthermore, the wear resistance increased as the percentage volume of the glass particles increased. Hence, the on of the DFT and GP in the epoxy



Epoxy resin, wear, thermal properties, thermal analysis