Comparative Effects of Two Problem Solving Models on Senior Secondary School Students' Performance in Mathematics Word Problems

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The Journal of Mathematical Association of Nigeria


The study adopted pre-test, post-test, quasi experimental design. A total of 180 senior secondary two purposively selected from six secondary schools in Ilorin metropolis took part in the study. The instrument used for data gathering in the study was Mathematics Performance Test (MPT) designed by the researchers. The findings of the study showed that there was a significant difference between the performance of the experimental and control groups. Gender had no significant influence on the performance of the students exposed to the instructional models. Subject combination of students had significant effect on the performance of students exposed to the Polya's problem- solving model with the science students having the highest mean gain score. Mathematics teachers should take time to teach mathematics language in Bearing before teaching the actual concept to enhance better performance of students. Mathematics Teachers and Mathematics textbook authors should endeavor to employ Polya and Bransford and Stein problem solving models among others to enhance meaningful learning in mathematics




Salman, M. F. & Ameen, K. S. , (2014): Comparative effects of two problem-solving models on students’ performance in Mathematics word problems. Abacus. 39 (1); 1-13, Published by The Journal of the Mathematical Association of Nigeria