Achieving the millennium development golas: the SMEs alternative

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Lapai international journal of management and social sciences


The MDGs represents the commitment of the international community to reduce poverty and promote human development across the world. The goals are measurable targets frame for making a difference in the lives of people. Nigeria, like any other country of the world, has often put in place programmes and policies that will assist her in achieving the MGDs. The paper argues that it still remains a large challenge to achieve the target in the country. It is not even listed as among the countries that are likely to achieve the MGDs target is often belittled by factors such as corruption, inadequate/lack of political will, market, and dearth of technological knowhow. The paper, therefore, recommends the need for linkages among the SMEs in order to facilitate technology transfer, provision of adequate and sustained power supply, government support etc as a precondition for the growth and development of SMEs and ultimately the MGDs in the country.



Development, SMEs, Policy, Industry, MDGs