Daily Water Consumption Pattern and Time Spent in Collecting Drinking Water in Ijumu Local Government Area Kogi State

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Department of Geography, University of Lagos, Nigeria.


This study examines the pattern of daily per capita domestic water consumption and time spent in collecting water in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State. Data were collected from 437 households in the 15 wards of the local government area. The data required in this study were obtained through primary source, using questionnaire administration. 437 copies of questionnaire were statistically derived based on the 2006 population census of the study area. The 437 copies of questionnaire were administered using systematic random sampling approach. Data collected were interpreted with descriptive methods and the use of pearson product moment correlation methods. The results of the analysis show the various sources of water from which households collect water; hand dug well 40%, bore hole 34%, river/stream 13%, 12% occasionally collects water from community pipe borne water while 1% respondents collect from other sources including water vendors. Due to the unreliability of the water supply from pipe borne water, households seek alternative water sources to augment their water needs. In addition, 72.6% of the respondents spend 30 minutes or less to collect water from various water sources. Majority of the respondents consume more than 20 litres/capita/day. The results of the correlation analysis (r = −0.95) show an inverse and significant relationship between quantity of water consumed and time spent in collecting water. The paper recommends provision of potable water within the reach of the people to prevent outbreak of water related diseases and for purposes of time management.



Daily, Pattern, Water Consumption, Time Spent