Bank Service Quality and Customers’ Patronage in Selected Banks in South Western Nigeria

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Botswana Journal of Business


This study therefore, examines the relationship between service quality and customers choice of banks patronage. The study was conceived primarily to identify and compare if there is a difference between elements of SERVQUAL and customers’ patronage among selected banks in Nigeria. The top five banks in Nigeria were purposively selected for assessment to ensure generalization and coverage in the study. Purposive and convenience sampling techniques were used to select the sample size of the account holders due to the homogenous characteristic of the target population. There were 385 customers sampled with a questionnaire designed on a 7-point Likert scale. The statistical tools used included multiple regression, ranking order matrix and t-test. The study revealed a high sensitivity of the customers to the SERVQUAL dimensions with adequate information about them before choice of bank patronage was established. The paper concluded that, with more awareness of these SERVQUAL dimensions by banks, there would be an increase in customer satisfaction. The study recommended that service delivery firms like Banks, should consider elements of SERVQUAL as important factors which shape and determine customers’ loyalty and patronage


Gbadeyan, R.A., Adeoti, J.O., and Adebisi, A.O. (2015), “Bank Service Quality and Customers’ Patronage in Selected Banks in South Western Nigeria”. Botswana Journal of Business, 8(1): 81 – 97.


Service Quality, Customers, Bank's Patronage, SERVQUAL, Empathy & Reliability