The potential of Moringa tree for poverty alleviation and rural development: Review of evidences on usage and efficacy

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International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS) LLC, Japan.


Inadequate health care supply, poor nutrition, low income levels, use of trees and their by- products for provision of food, medicine and cosmetics are common among the rural people of the developing nations. Moringa Tree has been reported to be a wonder plant that is useful for human and animal nutrition, health, cosmetics, bio-gas and water purification among other uses. Empirical evidences on the economics of its production highlights its potential as a tool for enhancing the income of its producers. However, the level of awareness of its uses and evidence of its efficacy among resource- poor farmers in Nigeria is generally low. Therefore, canvassing for the cultivation and use of Moringa Tree among the resource-poor farmers is necessary for poverty alleviation and will make Moringa Tree and its by-products a tool for rural development. This paper reviews the myriads of evidences on the usage of Moringa Tree, leaves, flower, fruits, seed, root and their by-products as reported by various researchers worldwide. The reviews suggest that Agricultural Extension agents can play a vital role in disseminating information on the role Moringa Tree can play in wealth creation for poor farmers.



Moringa tree, Poverty alleviation, Resource-poor farmers, Rural development