In Defense of Boko Haram Insurgency and the Constitutionality or Otherwise of the Declaration of State of Emergency by President Goodluck Jonathan in Some Selected Local Government Areas of Some States in Northern Nigeria

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Faculty of Law, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt


There is no doubt denying the fact that if the Boko Haram Insurgence is not resolved in the earliest possible time it could lead to the destabilization of the country. As it is now the harmonious co-existence of the nation's diverse people in different parts of the country is coming under serious threats with the Southerners leaving the North for fear of attacks by religious sect that has warned them to relocate or face attacks. what began as a low level campaign of targeted killings and use of impoverished explosives devices mostly in Borno State capital and evirons, has snowballed into a major security challenge that has spread to many parts of the Northern state including the Abuja FCT. The cost so far is nearly inestimable, hundreds of lives have been lost in the sect's campaign of targeted assassination, attacks on security personnel, detonation of explosives along roadside, attacks on banks and so on. if this atmosphere of distrust and suspicion is allowed to go on among, it could provoke a major crisis that may lead to the break up of the country. the insurgence so far has defile known solution. The measures adopted by the government so far is worsening the situation. The only option now is to declare a state of emergency in the affected areas; hence the focus of this paper in elucidating the circumstances that led to this proclamation, the constitutional issues involved, the activities of the sect, their modus operandi, the mission statement and the possible way out of this quagmire




Insurgency, Nation, Diverse, Emergency, Sect