Pattern and causes of fire incidents in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Journal of geographic thought and environmental studies


Lagos state has recently experienced an amplified rate of fire occurrences and this has resulted in the loss of life and properties, disruption of economic activities and increases the health burdens of the state. the objectives set out in this study were to: (i) identify the pattern of fire service stations in lagos; (ii) examine the major causes of fire outbreaks; and (iii) assess the trend of fire incidents in the study area. primary and secondary data were employed in the study. the secondary data were gotten from Lagos state fire service, national population commission while primary data were derived through the administration of structured questionnaire to respondents. a multi-staged sampling technique was employed. a sample size of 400 respondents was selected in different locations including fire stations , markets, hospitals and settlements. descriptive statistics including percentages, charts and tables were used to analyze the socio-economics characteristics of the respondents and the causes of fire outbreaks while Arc GIS tool was used to depict the pattern of fire stations in the state. trend analyses was employed to to show the rate of fire occurrences in the study area. the result of the findings revealed that the leading causes of fire incidents are gas leakages (39%) and electrical failure (44%) and candle (14%),also a total of 2342, 1774, 1499 and 1627 fire incidents were recorded in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. the study recommends that enlightenment programme should be embarked upon and that fire prevention and fighting must be mutually pursued by governments and the citizen