Haemostatic Parameters during Pregnancy in Ilorin, Nigeria

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College of Health Sciences, University of Ilorin


Abstract The objective of this study was to document the effect of pregnancy on some haemostatic parameters (Prothrombin time [PT], activated partial thromboplastin time [APTT], fibrinogen concentration, euglobin clot lysis time [ELT], and platelet count) in different trimesters of pregnancy. One hundred and eighty women with non-complicated pregnancy within the age range of 17-40 years (mean± SD 27.1±3.9years) were recruited for the study and sixty non-pregnant, normotensive apparently healthy age-matched women were used as control. All haemostatic parameters evaluated were determined using standard techniques. Significant differences were observed between the haemostatic parameters studied and controls except for platelet count. Prothrombin time was significantly shorter (p<0.001) and fibrinogen significantly higher (p<0.001) as pregnancy advanced but, other parameters were not influenced by the gestational age. There was a significant difference between the fibrinogen level in older subject compared with subject of younger age group with a mean of 5.5g/l and 4.0g/l (p<0.05) respectively. There was no significant relationship in the haemostatic parameters with parity and educational level of all the subjects. In conclusion, the results of haemostatic screening tests in this study suggest some degree of activation in pregnant women.



Haemastasis,, Pregnancy,, Nigeria


Durotoye I. A, Babatunde A. S, Olawumi H. O, Olatunji P. O, & Adewuyi J. O. (2012). Haemostatic Parameters during Pregnancy in Ilorin, Nigeria. The Tropical Journal of Health Sciences. 19 (2); 18-22.