Factors Influencing Utilization of Soybeans among Homemakers in Ilorin South Local Government Area of Kwara State

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Journal of Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria


The study assessed the food intake of pregnant women in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State. Multistage sampling procedure was used to select 130 respondents from 650 population. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire, and were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results showed that majority (68.5%) of the respondents were between age 20-29, Muslims (69.2%), with primary school education (43.8%), marketers (76.2%) with income between 4000-6000 naira and have at least two (2) children. Majority of the respondents (92.3%) agreed to consume more cereals and (82.3%) meat and (39.2%) less of vegetables, (30.0%) fruits and (29.2%) milk products, which are necessary during pregnancy. The study revealed that the major source of information was health center (98.5%) but information gotten was not utilized appropriately. The major constraints faced where Inadequate income (mean = 1.59), cost of food (mean =1.31) and pregnancy condition (mean =1.12).



Assessment, Food, Intake, Pregnancy, Women, Rural