Multisensory and Metacognitive Instructional Approaches as determinants of Underachieving Nigerian Secondary School Students Achievement in English Vocabulary

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Department of french, university of cape coast and dpepartment of french university of ilorin.


The purpose of this study was to find out the relative effects of three instructional Approaches i.e. Multisensory, Metacognitive, and a combination of Multisensory and Metacognitive Instructional Approaches on the Vocabulary achievement of underachieving Secondary School Students. The study adopted the quasi-experimental design in which a pre-test, post-test, non-randomized, non-equivalent control group design was employed. One hundred and twenty (120 students-60 males and 60 females) were selected from four secondary schools within the Ilorin metropolis through stratified random sampling technique. The four schools were categorized into three experimental groups and one control group according to the design of the study. The instructional programmes for the teachers and the achievement test for the students were prepared by the researcher from the students’ English text books according to the curriculum specifications and the past questions from the JSS NECO past questions. Six major hypotheses were generated for the study. All of them were based on the general effects of the three instructional approaches on the underachieving students’ vocabulary achievement. The results were analyzed using Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA). The Duncan Multiple Range Test was used to confirm which pairs of the variables were significantly different. The results revealed that there was a significant difference in the overall achievement of the students taught using the three approaches. In other words, each of the experimental group performed significantly better than the control group. However, the findings indicated that the Multisensory Instructional Approach {MSIA} was the most potent of the three modes. It was recommended that English Language teachers should consider the interest of the underachievers by employing the multisensory approach to teach them.



multisensory, metacognitive, instructional approaches, underachieving students