Nigeria Nation at a Cross Road: Search for Democracy amidst the Militrarization Challenges

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Department of Jurisprudence and International Law, BUK,


Democratisation is both an expression and expansion of man’s freedom. Over the years it has become synonymous to man’s progress. It is not a static phenomenon, it has an in built dynamism which requires that it must be developed and consolidated. Democracy interestingly has become a yard-stick on which development is measured today, yet the long term viability of democratic governments in several countries remains questionable. African States are generally classified as under developed and the question therefore is has Africa failed in the democratisation process? What are the causes and the challenges that are being encountered in Africa’s democratization process? This paper seeks to appraise democratisation in Africa with a view of highlighting the challenges facing democratisation on the African continent using Nigeria as a case study. The challenges faced by the rampant disregard for the rule of law forms the major problem leading to the quagmire of Nigeria’s search for democracy. The core argument advanced in the paper is hinged on the perception that the emergence of military intervention with governance caused a major set back towards evolution of democracy and good governance in Nigeria. It is hoped that the search for democracy by Nigeria will be set on a proper note with the adoption of democratic and constitutional governance. The paper concludes by reasserting the hope for democracy in Nigeria with the enabling of all institutions identified to be pivotal to the achievement of this quest.



Democracy, Governance, Military Rule


Nigeria Nation at a Cross Road: Search for Democracy amidst the Militrarization Challenges” Bayero Journal of International Law and Jurisprudence, 1 (1)74-100