Relevance of the “Εγώ εἰμι” Sayings of Jesus in John’s Gospel to the Contemporary Church in Nigeria

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“Εγώ εἰμι” phrases in the Gospel of John have been variously translated among the biblical scholars. The objective of the paper therefore, is to unearth the Εγώ εἰμι sayings of Jesus that represent a particular relationship of Jesus to the spiritual needs of humans: the bread that gives eternal life; their light in darkness, their entrance into security and fellowship, their guide and protector in life, their hope in death, their certainty in perplexity, and their source of vitality for productiveness. The methodologies used were exegetical and historical and sociological. Data were gathered through secondary and internet sources. Therefore through lexico-semantics analysis which reveals, its root-words and word-stems and the various possible semantic categories created by the human mind, this paper claims that in these phrases, Jesus used everyday physical things to illustrate deep spiritual truths about himself. The paper contends that the church cannot claim ignorant of Jesus and his work to the world of which He came to save. Neither can she give excuse whatsoever of her failure or fruitlessness.



ἄρτος, φῶς, θύρα, ποιμὴν, ἀνάστασις, ὁδὸς, ἄμπελος