An Appraisal of Training and Development Constraints in Selected Nigerian Industries

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International Journal of Administration and Development Studies


This study identified factors that interfere with training and management development using selected industries in Nigeria as a case study. Data was obtained from two major sources- primary data and secondary data. Respondents for this study were selected using simple random sampling technique. In the study a research instrument was developed, pretested and validated. It was used to identify the main problems of training and management developments in organizations. Four principal factors were identified and built into the questionnaire. A total of 190 copies of the questionnaire were administered on the employees of the selected industries, 162 copies of the questionnaire were however completed, returned, and found suitable for analysis. Data are presented in the form tables showing frequencies and percentages. Statistical technique used in analyzing the data is a strong and robust non-parametric statistic called G-Test. The study showed that there are factors that interfere with training and management development. Based on the findings it was recommended that adequate attention is paid to training and management in terms of the time it takes, its location, and work schedule; training should be carried out away from the working place of the trainees; training and management development must address the felt needs of the organization; training and management development should be seen as critical aspects of human resources management effectiveness; training should be seen as a vital issue to both employers and employees; and management development should be seen as a dynamic process.



Employee, Interference, Training, Management Development, Industry


1(1); 172-186