Marketing Anti Malaria Drugs by CTC-MS in Kwara State Nigeria

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Ilorin Journal of Marketing.


Abstract igeria recently changed her antimalarial treatment policy from monotheraphy single Nbased to artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT). Close to Community Medicine Sellers (CTC-MS) were defined to include all commercial retailers supplying malaria drugs. The study examines implementation of National malaria drug policy by Close to Community Medicine Sellers (CTC-MS) in Kwara state Nigeria. It was a descriptive cross sectional study, multi stage sampling techniques was adopted and interviewer administered questionnaires was used to collect data. EPI-INFO software statistical package was used to analysis. Despite high level of awareness (53.9%) of new treatment guidelines for malaria, ninety (43.0%) of the CTC- MS correctly differentiate between artesunate monotherapy and artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT).Only 96 (46.6%) respondents sold artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) in the new policy for the treatment of malaria. Majority CTC-MS sold Chloroquine (84.0%) and Qunine (64.1%) respectively, (75.2%) of the respondents agreed to sell any form of monotherapy for the treatment of malaria. Due to non-availability (47.1%), competition from other providers (35.3%) and high cost (17.6%). Age, educational level, years of practice and type of training significantly affected response to the implementation of new malaria guideline. Mono therapy still considered to be adequate for treatment of malaria, there is increased marketing of antimalaria monotheraphy drugs and advised to consumers to purchase Artesunate monotheraphy for the treatment of malaria. Non-availability and high cost of ACT drugs are some of the factors responsible for the sales of monototheraphy anti malaria drugs. It is recommended that special interventions such as trainings, continuous professional medical education on new anti–malaria drugs and government to withdraw non-ACT antimalarials from the market. In addition age limit, years of practices and source of trainings should be considered by the formal or informal association of CTC-MS prior to approval to join the market for sales of anti-malaria drugs therapy.



Malaria, Drugs


2(2); 35-48