Biology Education and Bio Entrepreneur Opportunities in Nigeria


Nigeria has been experiencing various socioeconomic and environmental challenges such as unemployment, poverty, insecurity and climate change within the past few decades. These challenges are traceable to a lack of synergy between capital and nature. Knowledge and skills in various fields of biology such as Bioeconomics and Bio-entrepreneur are potent tools for building a strong synergy between capital and nature to enhance sustainable socio-economic development in the nation. This paper focuses on how biology education can be utilised to develop and promote Bio-entrepreneur opportunities among Nigerian youths for sustainable national development. The paper provided overviews of concepts such as biology education, bio-entrepreneur, bioeconomics and so forth. The millennium development goals and the 21st-century skills within the context of sustainable development in Nigeria. Finally, the paper advocated for urgent realignment of biology and science education for sustainable national development.




Biology education, Bio-entrepreneur, Bio-economics, Sustainable development, and Science Education