Milk yield and Milk Composition of West Africa Dwarf Does as influenced by Body weight and Body Temperature

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Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero, Nigeria


The study was conducted to determine the effect of bodyweight and body temperature on milk yield and milk composition of West Africa Dwarf (WAD) does. A total number of sixteen lactating WAD does of different body weight were selected for the experiment. The bodyweight and body temperature of the does were taken before every milking period which lasted up to 8 weeks. Milk sample from each doe was subjected to milk composition analysis using milk analyzer. The bodyweight of the does and its corresponding milk yield were grouped into four classes (12 -15 kg, 15.1 -18 kg, 18.1-21 kg, 21.1-24 kg) while the body temperature and its corresponding milk yield and properties were portioned into three ranges (low: 36.10 – 37.00 oC; medium: 37.10 – 38.00 oC; high: 38.10 – 39.00 oC). The data obtained were subjected to one-way analysis of variance of completely randomized design. The results revealed that bodyweight significantly (P<0.05) affects milk yield but not milk composition while body temperature range of 38.10-39.00 oC influences higher milk yield (580.60 ml) It is therefore concluded that WAD does has a relatively stable milk composition irrespective of body temperature or bodyweight while the does of higher body weight produce more milk. It is therefore recommended that body temperature and bodyweight should be among the considerable criteria when selecting WAD goats for dairy purpose



Lactation, Milk yield, Bodyweight, Temperature


Yusuff, A.T., Adeyemi,A. A., Lawal, M.O., Decampos, J.S., Ajao, B.H. & Aremu, J.O. (2022): Milk yield and Milk Composition of West Africa Dwarf Does as influenced by Body weight and Body Temperature. Equity Journal of Science and Technology, 8(2): 20 - 25