Investigation of Magnifying Effects of some Semiconductor Diodes During A.C./D.C. Conversion

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Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology


The work was prompted by the magnifying effect of Semi-conductor Diode Bridge on the output direct current (D.C) after rectification of a given quantity of alternating current (A.C). The work determined the causes of increase in voltage, the magnifying factor and remarkable trend of magnification. To this end a step-down transformer was constructed with a variable A.C output voltage viz: 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 v. Five different bridges of 4 semi-conductor diodes, using five different sets of diodes with varying VRRM voltage specifications and a smoother/filter circuit each were constructed for use. The five full-wave rectifiers were connected in steps, to each A.C output simultaneously to obtain data to work with. The work confirmed a positive increase in the rectified output D.C with an increase in the input A.C source. There was 35.1% magnification using a diode with 345 VRRM voltage specification and as low as 26.88% magnification for 630 VRRM voltage specification. This signifies magnification increases with a decrease in diode VRRM voltage specification. It was observed that the magnification equally increased with an increase in the rectified A.C using the same type of Diode Bridge. A.C Rectification project out is a private endeavor. Thus, this work was designed to probe further on how, why and the causes of this magnifying effect of the rectifier.



Transformer, semi-conductor, diodes, rectification, filtering, magnification., Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES