Marital communication:

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Institute Journal of Studies in Education, Institute of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin


A correlational survey design was used to determine the mediating and moderating role of emotional intelligence on marital communication of married adults in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Its major aim lies in knowing whether there is any significant relationship between emotional intelligence and marital communication. Three hundred and eighty three (383) married adults from three Local Government Areas participated in the study. The results showed 66.8% of the respondents had moderate level of emotional intelligence, while 64.0% had moderate level of marital communications. It was also revealed that emotional intelligence had high, positive and significant relationship with marital communication, while the moderating variable of gender and age were significantly related with emotional intelligence and marital communication. Furthermore, findings from this study revealed a significant difference in the emotional intelligence and marital communication of male and female married adults. It was recommended that there is the need for improved awareness to be created by the Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON) on the relationship that exists between emotional intelligence and marital communication so that counsellors can train couples in developing good communication and high emotional intelligence.



Emotional Intelligence, Marital Communication, Married Adults